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Paranoia gets the best of us [01 Jan 2030|05:29pm]
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[11 Oct 2008|11:45pm]
I was woken up with my mom telling me we got a cat, then promptly given the cat while I continued to sleep. She let it out after she took a shower, and I kept sleeping. Not sure when I woke up again, but now the cat is gone.

It's all so mysterious.
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[05 Feb 2008|09:58am]
You know what's not a cool way to wake up on your birthday?

Being hit with my Donkey Kong toy and being told happy birthday. Now, if I'm getting something awesome, cool, but if I'm just being reminded of something I'm aware of and then hit with things, not so much.

I'm still optimistic to get a new car or computer at some point today, as I could use either.
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Quick Question [09 Aug 2007|01:37am]
I've been trying to change my MySpace background for a while now, but I cant find anything fitting, and the one image I want to use as filler (so it's not black and white, making things harder to read) doesnt fill the screen (not mine anyways).

If anybody feels like fumbling with codes, I'd appreciate it. What I have is left as a comment, since I'm too lazy for a cut.
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Mending broken bridges [19 Jan 2007|11:34am]
With this still being early into the new year, I feel the need to try and fix any of the mistakes I've made, assuming people are willing to accept my appologies. So, if I've wronged you in the past in anyway, comment and I'll do what I can to make up for it. I plan to be a better person starting this year. Comments are screened, just in case something's personal (just give me some way to contact you).

So let's give things a second chance, shall we?
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